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The "Non-Surgical Face Lift" Micro-Current Treatment

The "Finer Face"  Non-Surgical Face Lift utilizes a safe and gentle Micro-Current that works in synergy with the body's own electrical system.  This gentle current will re-educate and shorten the delicate facial muscles resulting in improved muscle tone and a more youthful appearance.  This is the secret that the Hollywood stars use before an event.  With a series of treatments your face will maintain the effects.  It's like a work out for your face, strengthening and toning your facial muscles! The treatment is completely pain free and the effects are long lasting after a series of 12 treatments.  To help continue the effects a touch up treatment is advised every 60-75 days.

For the best results a series of 12 treatments (2-3 times a week for 6 weeks) is recommended.

A single treatment is $95.00
A series of 6 is $510.00
A series of 12 is $900.00**
  **Highly Recommended for best results

Not recommended for those with a pacemaker,
 pregnant or have active cancer.

To Purchase a Series CLICK HERE
AFTER TWO TREATMENTS...Great eye lifting!